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NeeHi Ninjas
  • Treat everyone with courtesy.

  • Karate-ka (students) will bow when entering and before leaving the dojo and upon greeting the sensei.

  • Karate-ka will maintain a good attitude at all times.

  • No profanity or loud talking in the dojo.

  • Do not criticise other karate-ka.

  • No rings, watches or other jewellery may be worn during class or if any jewellery can not be removed, it must be taped over.

  • All karate-ka will comply with the dojo health rules. Personal hygiene (cleanliness) is essential. Finger and toe nails should be clipped short.

  • All karate-ka (beginners excepted) must wear a clean Zenshin Kai karate-gi (no rips, holes or tears) and a Zenshin Kai karate belt of grade tied securely around the waist at all times. All karate-ka must wear the proper Zenshin Kai badges on their karate-gi.

  • Higher belts should aid lower belts in their training. Lower belts should follow the instructions of higher belts in the dojo.

  • There will be no sparring without the express permission of the Instructor/Coach. Headguards MUST be worn during free sparring.

  • Smoking or eating is not permitted within the dojo.

  • Under no circumstances will any form of Zenshin Kai Karate be taught by any Zenshin Kai member to any non-member.

  • Zenshin Kai karate-ka will behave at all times in the spirit of Karate-do, both inside and outside the dojo.

  • No Zenshin Kai karate-ka will provoke violence outside the dojo or allow themselves to be provoked into violence.

  • Students must ensure they are up to date with their licence or will be unable to train and may have to pay a rejoining fee.

  • For all students and visitors -

NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO is allowed within any dojo - except by express permission from the chief instructor or a grading officer.

All Mobile Phones, tablets and other electronic devices should be turned off or put on silent to avoid disturbing the class. If a student has extenuating reasons to keep their mobile turned on, students must inform their instructor at the start of class

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