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NeeHi Ninjas

Here at FirePunch UK, we use Giff Gaff as our mobile phone network supplier.

We have used many different suppliers in the past and we find the monthly packages (called goody bags) very good value. Furthermore if you are unhappy at anytime it is very easy to leave, as it is a rolling monthly contract.

If you purchase a goodybag at least once every 3 months, you get free "Giff Gaff" calls and texts to other "Giff Gaff" members.

We are on a mission to convert as many members to Giff Gaff as we can. If you apply for a sim, using the link on top of the website pages, you will receive a free 5 credit to your phone (once you have purchased a minimum 10 goodybag). Further more FirePunch UK will also receive 5 credit which it is happy to pass on to you by way of a 5 credit against any club Uniform/Equipment purchases (over 10) or a 5 credit against any seminars (excluding gradings) or extreme training events.

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