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Glasswalking is often known as ice walking and is the art of walking over broken glass. As with firewalking, walking on broken glass is both memorable and empowering. The thought of walking over hundreds of sterilised broken pieces of razor sharp wine bottles can be even more daunting than the firewalk and requires a different mindset.

The glasswalk will be prepared in front of you, you will hear the sound of the glass as it is poured into the specially prepared glasswalk frame. You will then undergo thorough training from our certified glasswalk instructor. After successful completion of the training seminar, the instructor will inspect the glasswalk, declare it open and carry out the first walk themselves. You will then be invited to remove your shoes and one by one complete the walk of glass.

As well as accompanying a firewalk (and referred to the FIRE and ICE walk), it also works well as a stand alone event. The glass walks are often used in charity fund raising events and team building activities, they also help individually empower members of groups and clubs.

Glasswalking is ideal for an indoor event but can also be held outside in a suitably covered area (under a marquee is fine).

If you are thinking of holding a glasswalk for charity or a good cause, please see the Lets Walk on Fire page for our promise on service and pricing

We look forward to helping you in the near future. For further enquiries, and/or to request a glass walking event guidelines package, please click here

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